Thursday, 8 December 2016

The fascination of fashion

How old is too old for certain items of clothing? Who determines what we should wear, and how? My obsession with this question probably started when I saw Iris at a film festival last year. What does it mean, now, that because of her fame the 94 year-old Iris Apfel is now in an advert for watches in January's Vogue (itself an interesting issue for featuring the 'curvy' model Ashley Graham on its cover)? Has Iris sold out? Have we commidified her, because of our condescending sense that she is 'amazing' because she wears what she wants? Or is she just laughing at us, making money from the very obvious thing that fashion is for her: fun and fascination?

I've been thinking about these questions recently, and they've informed the pictures below, which play with the dictats of fashion and ask what it is about fashion that might 'work' or not. And if we can work this out, is this because someone told us or is it more about the physics of things, when put together, just being 'right'?
Ripped jeans, past a certain age, with iron-on patches (blue): is that because the wearer (me) is 'un certain age' too?

The other leg. I like the way the rips work against (with?) the shiny sandal. But how many rips are too many?

'How to wear' instructions on a headscarf. Should anyone try this at home? I did!

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